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Violent! #19 (Click to open or right click to save)

56 pages [19.5MB]

Cover by Al Davison

Space Dude by Darren Douglas

See A Penny, Pick It Up by Jay Eales and Graeme Neil Reid

Tales From The Murk: Getting the Boot by Curt Sibling

Dr Sorrow & the Cargo of Death by Adrian Kermode and Mike Juniper

The Silent Service by Jay Eales and Paul McCaffrey

Tales From the Murk: Market Splash by Curt Sibling

Bang! by Alex Smith

Hard-Boiled Hitler: Episode Zwolf – One Man and Someone Else’s Dog by Mike Sivier and Stephen Prestwood

New Year - Same as the old year...

In 2011, Discipline_Lad resolves to...
Give some myths to charity.
Volunteer to spend time with black books.
Tell my family about warren ellis.
Learn to play the spaced.
Lose ten chris morris by March.
Apply for a new molesworth.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

That Photo Meme!

‘Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you!’

What time am I going to the dentist? Tooth-hurty, you say?

Seasons come and seasons go, and VIOLENT! goes into its second decade of life

As pimped to you on Facebook or various communities out there, here it is again...

56 pages, lurking behind Kev Levell's glorious homage to Carlos Ezquerra's notorious Action comic cover. Yeah, it's no longer a paper artefact, but waddaya want fer nuthin'? Rubber biscuit?

Go here and download away, my pretties!
...is done.

I've attempted to write this twice before, only for LJ to eat the damn thing when I attempted to put the cover image in. Can't be arsed to let it do it to me three times tonight, so suffice to say, for those who understand and/or care, the latest Midwinter Comics Retreat Comic is done!

And people wonder why I don't post more to LiveJournal? Sheesh!


Fiendish finish!

The Fiend in Five Dimensions

Well, some of you may be aware that a bunch of small press comics folks including myself have made a pilgrimage to a holiday cottage in Gloucestershire for the last few years in the cold of Winter, and spend a long weekend eating good food, drinking and socialising, and somehow, over the course of time, making a comic. The results of these weekends we put out under the banner "The Midwinter Comics Retreat" They rarely make a lick of sense, but there's a streak of insanity running through them that folks seem to enjoy, despite the fact that most of the gags rely on a lot of pop culture references and in-jokes between the participants.

In 2004 (IIRC), we produced The Seven Faced Badger of Doom!
Next up was Twelve Go Nuts in Gloucestershire.
Then was Hellspoon! which came out in a white heat period of just over a month, where Selina and I went to two conventions, produced a new issue of Violent!, two issues of The Girly Comic, wrote two novels (totalling around 160,000 words between them) and did a Midwinter Comics Retreat comic which we turned around in less than a week from start to finish, so we could sell it at the inaugural Birmingham International Comics Show. And then, we hibernated! : ) 
Last November, we had discovered the Comic Life programme, which lets you make photo-comics really easily, and decided that we'd incorporate an element of dressing up into proceedings, mixing live action and illustrated comic pages in The Fiend In Five Dimensions.

In hindsight, we might have bitten off more than we could chew, and several pages remained in a state of quantum flux for many months, until a critical mass of the original participants met up at last weekend's Caption convention, and sat in the bar, determined to finish the beast off.

After the best part of the last 24 hours assembling and tweaking pages written by two main writers and interpreted by a multitude of different artists, some of whom follow a script page to the letter, and some who "take the scenic route", shall we say? It's an interesting way to work, certainly, trying to solve continuity problems on the hoof, where characters appear in panels of pages before they are introduced into the story, and the like! Any continuity gaffes are usually circumvented by the disclaimer that the cottage where we stay (and which forms the main location in each story) is built over a rift where reality is a bit wobbly, and which manifests in all kinds of little (and large) ways.

With four of the Midwinter Comics Retreat comics under our belt, you'd think that by now we'd have given up any expectation of them making any sense at all, wouldn't you?

At the tail end of November, we'll be doing it all again, though I suspect we'll be scaling back the distractions a tad this time!
Timewarp by Nick Abadzis

Anyone who was planning on submitting illustrations, short comic strips or articles on the theme of "Timewarp" for the Caption Programme/Exhibition/Auction, this is your final call. I'll need everything in hand by no later than July 25th to give me time to finalise the Programme and get it printed. For the Programme, I'll need black and white/greyscale illustrations A5 300dpi tifs or jpegs.
We've had some great pieces so far, with more coming almost daily, and the promise of more, but there's always room for a few more! You don't have to be coming to Caption to take part, though of course, we'd like to see as many of you as possible at Britain's longest running comic convention.

Plug over! Get scribbling! : )

A Wordle Introduction to Factor Fiction

Caption Timewarp - June Update

Caption Timewarp

 Just to keep interested parties abreast of developments as we continue to move towards August and the 17th annual Caption comics convention in Oxford, here is the latest flyer for Caption Timewarp.

We've just confirmed a few more guests for the Timewarp, with representatives from classic magazines Escape and Deadline as well as a veritable golden horde of creators involved with brand new weekly kids comic The DFC.

Welcome aboard to Nick Abadzis, Rian Hughes, Ilya, Paul Gravett, Garen Ewing, Kate Brown, Sarah McIntyre and Neill Cameron. (All guests appear subject to work commitments). More information about Caption past and present can be found at http://www.caption.org.

We're also still after contributions of illustrations, comic strips and articles for the Caption Souvenir Programme, on the theme of Timewarp, which will need to reach me by the middle of July at the latest.

Hope to see some of you there!


Sinister little old ladies

Out walking the hound around the block this morning, we were confronted by a gaggle of old ladies trundling about on their motorised scooters - it was like a Quadrophenia reunion.

One of them smiled down at Loki and then looked up at me: "He'd just fit in my basket..."

Maybe it's just me, but it sounded more like a veiled threat than anything. I wonder if she's one of the old dears whose gardens he likes to do his business...

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